Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome Back

The last time I updated this blog was in October 2008. Since then I had a baby (November 2009) and didn't get back into shape at all. I let life with a child completely derail my old healthy eating and exercise habits. My weight hovered in the mid-160s and I hardly ever even took a walk. Now I'm pregnant again and due to deliver any day now (March 2012). I was less active but ate a bit less through this pregnancy, and haven't gained quite as much weight.

I'm going to start using this blog to track my exercise and eating again. I want to get back to feeling healthy and strong. I want to make exercise a daily ritual again. I want to make better food choices.

I won't track those things here until a few weeks after I deliver. Daily brisk walks and limited sweets eating will be my first goals.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Two in One

My weight is going down (yay!) but my mileage is not going up. No no no, it is not. I also didn't run over the weekend at all. I need to make time for a four mile run sometime soon.

Thursday 10/10/08
156 lbs
2 miles
? time

Monday 10/13/08
157 lbs
3 miles
33 minutes 25 seconds

Sunday, October 05, 2008

OMG Hills

158 lbs
3 miles
37 minutes

Up up up to Alamo Square Park, around the park, down down down to home.

Hot dog and Junior Mints for dinner = not a weight loss strategy.